DyeTec Solar awarded $1-million grant for BIPV technology development

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  • Posted by Emma Hughes
  • Published on 08 March 2011
  • Updated on 08 March 2011
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DyeTec Solar has secured $1-million from Ohio Third Frontier Commission for the development and mass manufacture of glass-based BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic), BAPV (building-applied photovoltaic) and AIPV (automotive integrated photovoltaic) products. The technology, which will be produced alongside glassmaker Pilkington North America at DyeTec’s Toledo facility, is aimed to cater for both commercial and residential users.

“DyeTec is fortunate to be able to leverage Toledo’s rich history in glass processing and solar technology as well as a talented workforce. And with strong government and shareholder support, Ohio represents an ideal environment for DyeTec Solar to grow its R&D and manufacturing centres” said DyeTec’s president, Marc Thomas.

“Dyesol is poised to respond to this extraordinary opportunity. Here we bring together the very best possible partners to assist in providing an energy solution for the global market place. Glass-based DSC (dye solar cell) products have the ability to the transform the utility of any light-absorbing surface and their commercial potential is very considerable,” added DyeTec’s director, Richard Caldwell.

Before developing the technology for mass consumption, DyeTec plans to create prototype DSC-based BIPV glass panels and equipment sets; the final product will be created with transparent conductive oxide (TCO) glass and DSC materials, and allow downstream suppliers in the glass market to mass produce high-performance DSC-TCO products for use in BIPV, BAPV and AIPV systems.


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